Regular Ka Opposite Word (2023)

1. What is the opposite of regular? - WordHippo

  • Opposite of having no... · Opposite of remaining...

  • Antonyms for regular include exceptional, irregular, aberrant, abnormal, extraordinary, rare, special, unique, unusual and bizarre. Find more opposite words at!

What is the opposite of regular? - WordHippo

2. Opposite word for REGULAR > Synonyms & Antonyms

  • unrhythmical · irregularity · irregular · asymmetrical · unsystematic · understock · disrepute ...

  • Opposite words for Regular. Definition: adjective. ['ˈrɛgjəlɝ, ˈreɪgjəlɝ'] in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle.

Opposite word for REGULAR > Synonyms & Antonyms

3. Opposite Word: Regular - Irregular | By Auslan Online - Facebook

4. Opposite Of Regular, Antonyms of Regular, Meaning and Example ...

  • Mar 22, 2021 · irregular; erratic; unsteady; untidy; disordered; disorganized; non uniform; crooked; warped; skew; wry; awry; ungrammatical; anomalous; not ...

  • Opposite Of Regular, Antonyms of Regular, Meaning and Example Sentences Antonym opposite words contradict each other and meet opposite meanings. A word has synonyms as well as antonyms. When we learn a language, when we learn a word in that language, it will be very useful for us to learn both the opposite and the synonyms of this word. Because learning a word with its synonyms increases our competence in that language as well as our competence in speaking and writing. Learning a word with its opposite meanings both broadens our vocabulary and helps our activity on language. There are some

Opposite Of Regular, Antonyms of Regular, Meaning and Example ...

5. REGULAR Antonym - Opposite Word of Regular in English

  • Regular, Irregular ; Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

  • Regular Antonym : Find here Antonym of Regular in English. What are Regular opposite words in english.

6. 127 Synonyms & Antonyms for REGULAR -

  • antonyms for regular. Most relevant. abnormal · atypical · different · irregular · special · uncommon · unconventional · untraditional · unusual · exceptional ...

  • Find 127 ways to say REGULAR, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

7. REGULAR Antonyms: 21 Opposite Words in English - Past Tenses

  • exceptional · few · few and far between · isolated · limited · meager · occasional · odd.

  • Total 21 antonyms for regular are listed. Visit to check opposite words for regular in English.

8. Gentle Opposite Word | Antonyms for Gentle - BYJU'S

  • The most commonly used antonym for gentle is rude. There are various other terms with the opposite meaning, and can be used in different contexts. Q2. What are ...

  • Gentle Opposite Word: Check the various words which are opposite to gentle. Check the meaning, various words, and their usage to improve your vocabulary.

Gentle Opposite Word | Antonyms for Gentle - BYJU'S

9. 110+ Antonym words You Should Explore! - Leverage Edu

  • Aug 26, 2023 · For example, good and bad are antonyms of each other. The word “antonym” comes from the Greek words “anti” meaning “opposite” and “onoma” ...

  • Antonyms meaning, List, Words, with Synonyms, For Competitive Exams 2022, With Examples, Tips & Tricks What is antonyms and their examples?

110+ Antonym words You Should Explore! - Leverage Edu

10. Antonym words | 130+ words to boost your vocabulary! - iSchoolConnect

  • Jan 11, 2023 · Antonyms, therefore, are words that have opposite or contrasting meanings. In fact, the word antonym, coined in 1867, serves as the opposite of ...

  • Learn more about antonym words to build your vocabulary and ace your tests. This list of 100+ antonyms is just for you, so click here and read on!

Antonym words | 130+ words to boost your vocabulary! - iSchoolConnect


What is the opposite words of enough? ›

What is the opposite of enough?
24 more rows

What word can replace enough? ›

Synonyms of enough
  • sufficiently.
  • adequately.
  • properly.
  • fairly.
  • moderately.
  • satisfactorily.
  • suitably.
  • decently.

What is the opposite of regularly? ›

irregularly. unevenly. Adverb. ▲ Opposite of continually or repeatedly, typically at frequent intervals.

What is called enough? ›

1. : in or to a degree or quantity that satisfies or that is sufficient or necessary for satisfaction : sufficiently. 2. : fully, quite.

What type of word is enough? ›

Enough is a determiner, a pronoun or an adverb. We use enough to mean 'as much as we need or want'.

What type of word is not enough? ›

Use the not + adjective + enough form for something lacking the amount or level that is needed. I'm not thin enough to wear these jeans. My house isn't big enough to host a party. My car isn't dirty enough yet for a wash.

What means not enough? ›

insufficient. / (ˌɪnsəˈfɪʃənt) / adjective. not sufficient; inadequate or deficient.

What is the opposite of not enough? ›

Opposite of limited or insufficient in quantity. adequate. sufficient. enough. ample.

What is a word for less than enough? ›

Scarce, inadequate and not enough.

Is irregular the opposite of regular? ›

From the above explanation, it is clear that the word "irregular" is the antonym of the word "regular."

What is the opposite of regular time? ›

Irregular is the direct opposite of regular. However, if you're talking about time, I think erratic could also be considered an antonym of regular.

What is the synonym for regular? ›

adj. normal, common. adj. orderly, consistent, balanced.

What is an example of enough? ›

enough comes after adjectives and adverbs. I'm not tall enough to reach the top shelf. Your marks are good enough to study engineering at university. I couldn't write quickly enough and I ran out of time.

What is a word for not big enough? ›

small in size, amount) insufficient. limited. meager. scant.

What is the opposite of lack? ›

The antonym of “lack” is “abundance.” “Lack” refers to a shortage or absence of something, while “abundance” refers to a large quantity or plenty of something. Moreover, it indicates a deficiency or insufficiency in having enough of that particular thing.


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